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  1. samuel wilkerson

    T-Word, homie, … 1 word… “Anointed!” Keep up the great work sir…

  2. Royal.T

    Love the progression from the first mixtape to this one. I have followed T-Word since his first mixtape and this joint here is serious. If you haven’t downloaded it yet I’m telling you to do so like yesterday!

  3. just a guy

    What can I say…..the guy can rap. But I’m not sure about u people, but this is almost exactly like lil wayned stuff. This guy mentions God maybe 4 or 5 times per song. The rest of his lyrics are about his swag n boss attitude. I don’t know. I’ve never heard of him til this, but it seems like its hiding that its secular, using God’s name every other verse to cover it up. I HATE that the beats are secular. That is not good. Those beats were cteated by the world, we should not be listening to that to “praise our God”. All I’m saying is, let the world be the world, n let Christians be Christians. There isn’t any need to combine the two. I love Christian rap, but this is “lukewarm” christianity. I’m not feeling this :/

    • Geek4Lyfee

      Combining the world with Christianity? really? Honestly i think that thats what alot of rappers should do. take what is the world and use it to magnify Gods name. i understand the world created it but it doesnt mean that God cant be involved with it. we were born of sin and slave of sin until we met God.Why cant we do that with our music. Use it to magnify Gods name and Honestly half of begining rappers begin on free styling on secular music so yea. thats my opinion.

      • Christman

        there are things of the world that God can and will use for His glory, but it truly listen to this music it will give the impression of lukewarm message. Although great beats and the lyrics sub-par, it’s not enough to cause of the heart, just enough to get someone listening.

  4. Christman

    Dude got skills, that’s a fact. but he did loss me in the intro track where he said “you rarely see me worshiping…that’s a young thing.” I don’t know about you guys but he sounds good, but he ain’t preaching good habits with lyric. And please people of God; lets not confuse “correcting” someone with “judging” someone.

    I will not download this mixtape unfortunately, although i really like his style and lyrical ability.

  5. not a "superchristian" just wondering

    sounded to me like he said ni**a a couple times; thought newh2o didn’t accept stuff if you said ni**a

    • Christman

      You don’t have to be a “SuperChristian” to understand this is too much of a compromise for most. This is a nice starter mixtape to give someone who listened to this style of music in the secular realm. But you will need to quickly follow-up with a more Word induced mixtape of album.

    • Nick

      We don’t accept music with ni**a included. However he did not include those words on the mixtape.

      You also have to realize that this mixtape might not be the best fit for the seasoned Christian but it is a great mixtape if you are new to the faith and trying to break away from secular music.

      With that being said we are a Christian website, but we also get a lot of visitors from people who do not yet know the Lord or are just starting out. A lot of people go from these “starter” mixtapes to listening to more biblical based mixtapes.

      I appreciate everyones support and helping New H2O make it a better place for believers and non-believers.

  6. christopher

    NO NO NO!!!!! THIS NOT CHRISTAIN.If u lisen to ” Tony Montana” he curses, Also in “Ya’ll Don’t Here Me”. this is NOT CHRISTIAN. I call it fake, cuz if u curs and talk about God. That is FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • D-Tropp

      T-Word is dropping a new mixtape tonight entitled “Big Mouth.” He has a song called King featuring my homie ZG. Its an incredibly annointed track and will definitely answer a lot of questions and concerns ya’ll might have! I’ve known T-Word for a while and I am proud to say that he is anything, but a luke-warm christian. I hope ya’ll give Big Mouth a shot and support that! It comes out tonight at midnight. Stay blessed ya’ll I love the passion ya’ll show for the Lord.

    • T.R.E

      NO. i listened, he doesn’t curse in Tony Montana. Respect him. T-Word is bringin the word to people who don’t know God yet. Don’t judge what he’s doing. He is working for The Lord. Chill out and enjoy the music

  7. Eic

    These are some of the hardest hitting beats ever. Some of the songs I can’t play until I upgrade my sub-woofer lol Love this mixtape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ray-Ray



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