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  1. gentiletojew

    Shalom 7vnseal,
    Great video just raw ha ha !! i agree with everybody so far just remain humble in Christ and know it’s all about him. You will go real far i know it, you deff have it and thats only cuz of Christ who gives it to you so you can give it back to him. Stay Holy 7vn!

    Awsom artist!
    I want your ep..

  2. byhisgrace

    awsome video! beat is of the chain dude keep doing your thing Minister.
    Loving this!

  3. Jr.

    Amen, To God be all the Glory 7vn seal. Deff raw video 🙂 can’t wait to see what else you will do later.

  4. 7vnseal God's Dagger

    wuz good, man this video was shot mostly in one night around church grounds Glory to God! madd hood if u ask me and simple.. but i will have more videos coming soon with myself and my dude Double of 3hp records as well.
    shalom to all

    . stay connected to newh20 for leaks and drops ill do in the future.
    deff cop my new ep ”7th-brigade” on itunes now.

    if anybody wants to build and connect feel free to holla at me yo im just a servant like anybody else
    Minister Robert Encinas


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