Camo – Give Um A Sample | Mixtape


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Camo – Give Um A Sample



    • wow….thatz really encouraging mayne. I really appreciate tha comment. im glad GOD used this to encourage u. thanks for tha support and encouragement.

  1. this mixtape was fireee! lol every track got me! im loving this new music! ya the hype songs are my favorite haha just like the song war. definitey keep this work up, this is great music! im already looking forward to the next mixtape!

  2. I’m so proud of you Camo. All i can say is WOW. I can’t even choose out of them. I’m loving this — u killed every single track brah..

    Glory to God.

    • WOW! this iz so encouraging 2 come to. im glad that GOD used this to encourage u. I pray that the rest of the Lif3 Sentenc3 Ent mixtapes will do tha same

  3. For real this mixtape is fire Camo gotta agree with Jay the rap and rock thing is dope great project lives will surely be edified through this may God bless u bro

  4. Bro, Simple and Clean is the truth!!! I always wanted to hear someone rip that sample..I’ve heard other people sample it, but this is def. the best version..shalom mah dude, keep grindin son!!!!! If you ever decide to do a remix pleeeeeeassee holla @ me! KEEP DOIN IT MAH DUDE!!!! God bless.

  5. If this is a mixtape, where is the dj who is suppose to be hosting this mixtape. This is call a “Buzz Tape” not mixtape cause there is no mixing going on okay. Respect The Dj!!!!

    • Hey bro we all know the difference between a real mixtape and a “mix tape”. The word “mixtape” now days is a loose term to identify a sampling of music. Please if you don’t have anything constructive to say, please don’t say it at all.

  6. Keep it coming homeboy sounding great! Oh and that dudes comment up there about mixing it just leave it man. It’s easier to throw in our mixes with a clean break! Good stuff!


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