DMX Performs “Religious” Single – Keep Your Head Up | Video


DMX performed his new single Keep Your Head Up on Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers show. I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical. We all are familiar with DMX’s past, his lyrical content, and what he was striving for in this world. Hearing this single was equivalent to sticking a hand grenade in my mouth and pulling the pin.

The lyrics are deliberate and he doesn’t mask anything. Listen/watch the video and leave your comments below. Would love to hear all of your thoughts on this track.



  1. Lyrics are cool and what not but because of the skepticism in me I watched the interview he did on Dr. Drew’s show. It just kinda seem like moralism, “I can clean myself up and do the right things and God won’t be mad at me any more.” He says a lot of stuff in the interview that would point to some bitterness in his heart toward people that have hurt him among other things. I think it is good for us to just pray for him and search for fruit. Anybody can say things about God that sound good, what is up with a persons lifestyle is what is important. Thanks for the post!


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