Bravo – Back To The First Love | Mixtape

bravo - back to the first love

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Bravo – Back To The First Love


Written by Nick

Love God. Hip Hop Enthusiast. Serial entrepreneur. Web Developer. Founder of newH2O.com. I Never Stop.


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  1. Yo!!!!!!!!!!!
    man i really appreciate
    The Love that everyone
    has shown on this mixtape
    pray it blesses and change
    hards and Murders your speakers
    To God be all the Glory .

  2. First and foremost, all Glory to our Lord and Savior. Second, I had a great feeling about this brotha after I heard Reloaded this summer. Bravo, is certainly appropriate because this mixtape is Fiya from the jump. Great beats and lyrical content. Absolutely no joke. I would have paid for this without a question. Keep up the great work… and this is A MUST LISTEN.

  3. This mixtape is an outstanding inspirational Christian rap album!! This is the type of Christian music you can work out to or listen to at a lounge. Nicely done!!!

  4. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS! You know which one is my favorite song…xx keep it up <3 🙂

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