D-Hood – Enter Da Zone | Mixtape


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D-Hood – Enter Da Zone



  1. Jay, let me hear a lil bit last night, I was like I gotta cop mine! Keep doing ya thing brah. Shout out to Lif3 Sentenc3 Ent.

  2. say da hood man this is the best mixtape ive gotten from here besides canon an swoope dope beats with the message brought in way wherer everyone can understand the gospel bru may YAHSh{jesus] BLESS U if this is just a preview before the album then bru u already on fire wht more can u do lol lol

  3. lol the truth is the truth & naw bru not into facebook but do u have a webpage i already went 2 go look u up but didnt c a web page but found u on facebook though my wife does i will tell her about u though God Bless Ya thanks for the reply///

  4. This is your absolute best work. God really lead you through this process. I know it will bless masses of people. Your music makes me want to be a better witness for Christ. May God continue to bless you.

    One Love, MOM

  5. Right now this is the only mixtape I am bumpin in my car currently, The beats go so hard and this mixtape hits so hard when you have speakers in the trunk. World’s Greatest and Shinen just straight pounds the speakers. Love the beat on Goin inn an how it hits. The lyrics are just so raw love it all.


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