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Danielle, like many singer/songwriters can lay claim to getting her start in the church. Yet she distinguishes herself. She is still in the church, she believes that she is the church. She brings its sense of love and community; hope and healing wherever she goes. And places she is going to! Sure, her credentials look great on paper, but Danielle proves time and again that she can deliver in the classroom as well as the concert hall. Her voice will ring from the studio. Right to the stage. Straight from Heaven. Straight to your heart. While her love for music carries her through life, it also carries her across borders. It may be the New York tri-state area lines or the international lines of Germany, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Russia, Australia and Serbia. Near or far, she wants to bring you closer to God. Closer to a new day in music where artistry and ministry are not compromised.

On April 18th, 2010 she released her first project entitled AMAZING to rave reviews.,, and were among the many magazines and publications that reviewed the album and supported the release. It is now available in all digital stores and chain stores July 2010. She is one of the directors for Hungry 4 God, a growing youth ministry and is on the board of directors for The Vision Camp, a non-for-profit organization, both based in New York. Danielle is now prepping to release her NEW project, “Today, I Will”, a worship EP accompanied by a 31 day devotional, on October 22, 2011.

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