Je’kob – Pocketless Souls | Free Album


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  1. 10 out of 10. This record is incredibly encouraging and so on point! “Put he past in the trash with the old me”. Word –

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh 75 Deep is so on point!!!! Seriously, I’ve listened to this track like 30 times already. I love when artists aren’t afraid to go in on the topic of christians ridiculing other christians ministries. Believers waste soooo much time tearing each-others ministries down. If they’d put that energy & effort into starting their own ministry, or just downright supporting somebody else’s ministry. All the hating is unecessary & not beneficial for the kingdom. Best line of this song is “Who are we to judge how Christ decides to use a man.” Truth!

    • All singles and mixtapes/albums available for free download were given to us with the artists permission to make their music available for free download.

  3. man i was just browsing to find some new tunes and this just hit me in the head crazy!!! amazing is all i can say God bless will def check for more of your work in the future

    • You should also check his previous album on here: Major Setbacks for Major Comeups. He is, or was, the member of The Washington Projects. They have 5 albums on iTunes.

  4. Hands down one of the best mixtapes i have ever heard. dudes got flow and his lyrics are on point. Je’kobs gunna go far is he keeps putting out music like this


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