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  1. Brayden (B-Ray)

    Yo, KIDD, you have got some insane flow. Guess that’s why you call that “Luke Flow” haha. Anyway, just wanted to let you know I got all your music and I’m only 15 years old as well. I’m a rapper for Christ too. My name’s (B-Ray) which is a shortened version of my name. I don’t got a Twitter so I didn’t know how else to communicate with you. Anyways, keep doing what you do. Hoping maybe someday we can rock a joint together. I give you all props though bro. Keep repping God though!! Great song! My fav. If you wanna do a collab just email me @ braydenpresley@yahoo.com. God Bless You and your fam at Murder My Flesh. Keep preachin dog!!


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