Andy Mineo – Formerly Known | Mixtape


Download the entire mixtape here

Listen to the full mixtape below!



  1. I am so thankful for the 116 clique and its obvious there in house gift of discernment. The artist starting with Lecrae have all found the connection in the passion God has gifted to them.All which is no comparison to the passion Christ showed us at the cross. Its amazing to see when something comes together like this, and I am so thankful of Andy’s signing.. Confirmation is all over what reach records does.. I Love all you Brothers and am thankful that you have obeyed and been men who Bow Down to Authority.. Love the MAN up Album, And everything 116 is about… The mixtape is just another gift that when unwrapped presents the gospel to those willing to hear. Faith comes by hearing the word of God!!!!

    Brother in Christ…

  2. Wow! Grace, Gospel, Light, Rep the King, Glory for Christ; this album has it! This album is incredible with talent and lyrics. I can’t believe its free to the public to download. I would pay top dollar for an album like this on the market. A blessing to have.

  3. fam this cat is bananas well put together with clever rhymes and insight beyond the norm , need more artists like this spreading Gods word! must have mixtape!

  4. So going to download this album. Andy Mineo we missed you at the concert in Houston, TX yesterday (Oct 22nd). I though you were supposed to be apart of the line up. Your boys held it down, came and delievered the “good news” as always. Glory to be God, and bless you all.

  5. Is there any way to download this and burn it to a CD? I was able to download it to my computer but i would really like to be able to listen to it in my car or on my phone. Amazing mixtape !! god bless.


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