New H2O: The First Year (Hosted by DJ Triune) | Mixtape



I personally want to thank everyone who supported us from the very beginning. I can not stress enough how grateful I am for your thoughts, support, and prayers during our first year. This site has become more popular than I ever would have imagined during a one year period. I thank God daily for the lives this site has reached and will continually reach. I continue to pray that this site will be used for His glory and His glory alone. I also want to thank all the artists who support us. Without you and your gifts it would not be possible for us to glorify God in this manner. I pray that God continues to use these artists to reach the lost but also strengthen the saved in their walk. We all need strengthening because this walk definitely isn’t easy. With that being said, I ask you all to continue to pray for us and what we do.

I also want to challenge you: What are you doing to advance the Kingdom? What are your gifts and talents? Use them!!


Download the entire mixtape here

Listen to the full mixtape below!

New H2O: The First Year (Hosted by DJ Triune)



  1. Well, well, well. HAPPY BDAY TO NEW H2O.

    I wanna thank all of YOU who have made this possible. When Nick approached me about the idea of New H2O I was not too sure what to think about it. I knew it was a good idea but I at that time did not seen the divine purpose for this ministry. At the time of us opening this site I was still heavily into secular music. One year later Kingdom Music has taken over my iPod and I have this site to thank for it. I thank you all for sticking with us since the beginning! Myself and Nick invite you all to continue this journey with us as we walk in the calling that God has called us for! Once again from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! And oh yeah most importantly, STAY HYDRATED!


  2. Hi there DJ Triune… I just want to make sure all the music on this site can and may be downloaded for free with all Artists’ permission. I do not want to download pirated music. Please tell me urgently as i looooove the music!

    • There is no pirated music on the site. All music is submitted and approved by the artists to distribute for free.


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