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Lyric – Album


Written by Nick

Love God. Hip Hop Enthusiast. Serial entrepreneur. Web Developer. Founder of newH2O.com. I Never Stop.


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  1. First off: Lyric is one of the best in the game. Mention him with Bizzle and Bless’ed (& whoever else you think is the best). BUT the name Lyric has to be the absolute worst rapper name of all time!! Put it in a search engine & there’s gonna be 1,000 links before you find him! Not a good name. Great rapper tho.

  2. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww I really appreciate Saint, Im really glad you liked my mixtape, this is mad encouraging! and yo, I agree haha…I had this name since 2005 when I was real underground, I mite add sum’n different 2 tha name later on tho haha…Thanks!

  3. Hey Lyric…. I Downloaded Your Mixtape Awhile Ago Still Listening To It.
    It’s Too Good Man…
    I Love It When Christian Rappers Do Covers Over Mainstream Tracks… Are You Going To Do More Like The Fireman Song (Tha Track Was On FIRE!!) Amazing….
    Can U Do Tracks By Timbaland Ft. Daughtry Or Even Stuff Like Linkin Park … Something Abstract Like That Would Be Sick …
    Even Though You Mixtape Is Already Sick!!!
    Keep It Up …

    God Bless

  4. Lyric,I tried to download your mixtape but wouldn’t allow me to.Is their any way you could email me the songs to download?God Bless

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