Quaz – A League of My Own (Hosted by DJ Destiny) | Mixtape


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Quaz – A League of My Own (Hosted by DJ Deztiny)



  1. Now this is a Mixtape I enjoyed listening to from beginning to end. Quaz is true to Hip-Hop while also being true to Christ. And DJ Destiny actually DJ’d on it. What a concept. Hire a DJ that really DJs instead of just yelling all the time. My head never stopped nodding. I loved it! It’s a must have! My iPod has never sounded so good! Already looking forward to the next one. Good job Quaz.

  2. fresh i love freestyle on freshest beats ever like on one, look at me now, hustle hard, 6 foot 7 foot, power, welcome to my hood, i think teach me how to dougie i am not sure, also amazing

  3. This cd go hard, I can’t wait to play it at our youth explosion on Saturday night. I pray that you stay focused on God and continue to bless us with your gift. Keep in touch fam

  4. Heeeeeeey! My baby boy came out of his room and said, “Who is that, mom?” LOL! I love it! He said, “Whoooooah! Sick beats, momma!” And I replied, “For the Lawd, son!” We bobbin’ 2gether! 😀

  5. Keep it up man. Thanks for using some beats that are familiar with the kids. I co-teach the high school at our church and this is fire!


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