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  1. DLamp

    To anyone who cares:
    The topic of this song is one I’ve put loads of thought into: the dumbing down of music, the lack of meaning in popular music, etc. But I am at a loss as to what to do about it. In the song Datin says to turn it off, and as Christians we can do that what about the unsaved?
    I’ll say it…so far as production value, a lot of the time lyrical prowess, and general quality of the music (notice I did not say content), most Christian rap can’t even compare to secular. I think that’s a lot about money, though. True, we have the message people need, but this society as a whole is much more concerned with what’s on the outside than what’s on the inside, aka how a song sounds and its lyrical skill over its content.
    This is the dilemma…how do we as Christians market our rap so it’s desirable? I think of that verse where Jesus said be shrewd as snakes and harmless as doves. I can’t see any of my unsaved friends wanting to hear any Reach Records stuff because honestly, I don’t think it’s that shrewd. That 116 model of being unashamed is great for believers, but for unbelievers is like getting smashed on the head with a Bible for tracks on end.
    As Christians when we want to reach someone we meet them at their level and try to almost infiltrate their life with the gospel without being preachy or pushy. Why is the music then either 1) yelling about how we’ll rep Christ til we die or 2) being frustrated with secular music? There’s got to be a way to let people know we’re not only Christian but human as well, and in that way relate God to every day life beyond saying “I need you God” and things like that. Don’t get me wrong–there are times when the Spirit will tell you to lay down the facts for people and give it to them straight, but if He doesn’t tell you we shouldn’t do it.
    This isn’t meant as an insult to anybody; for a long time now I’ve just been thinking and wondering how effective Christian rap is at reaching unsaved people through music. Let’s face it…if I wasn’t Christian I wouldn’t be on this site. I wouldn’t visit DaSouth. I wouldn’t listen to Christian rap. How can Christian music (rap in this case) be used in a way that will snag unbelievers?
    My apologies to Datin for turning my comment on his song into a minisermon…I just had to get it off my chest though, cause no one I know really is into this music as much as I am.
    If you have a comment please share it…I’d really appreciate some input.

  2. DLamp

    Also, props to Datin…I dig the song, man. I dig your attitude and through Christ Christians can make the change you (and I) want.

  3. Min. Jacqueline King (@MinJackieki)


  4. @prodbyBMII

    @DLAMP – Not Taking Nething From My Bro Datin, But From Experience, I know Bizzle, Pro, lavoisierAnd Eshon Burgundys Music hit the hearts of our brothers in the streets… im walking testimony of that, and i have friends whom there music ministers too….. Not saying Datin doesnt do it or is incapable….

    Just Depends on the track, ur gonna have songs that fullfill the Saints, and songs that fullfill those who arent saved and guide them towards the Light. Either way were making good progress…. Lets Keep Pushin everybody!

    – @ProdbyBMII

  5. @prodbyBMII

    Another Good Example… Bizzle and Pdubs Best Of Both Worlds Mixtape Takes “worldly” instrumentals …. Replaces them with different lyrics… Pdub brings a posotive vibe as Bizzle Reveals the blindfold of whats really goin on in the game….

    Ive Gotten alot of good feedback from non believers on that.


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