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Born in St. Louis MO on June 30 1984 Tyrell “alcam” Walker grew a passion for music as a young child. He Started his love for music around the age of nine while freestyling on a kareoke machine. Throughout his life he continued to perfect his craft as a secular artist until the age of twenty two when the Lord begin to call him home. “I surrender my life to God and took a three year break on music so that I could learn my purpose, learn who God was, and learn God’s will for my life. Now that I know about the God I serve I intend to give him all praise and glory for who I am today by telling my life story. It was ruff growing up in a home with a cocaine addicted father, having three children with three different mothers before twenty three, and living a life of sin that led me straight to repentance. So In 2010 I decided to tell my story in my first mixtape Rais’n the Bar which was intended to inspire, give the gospel, and entertain people across the world. Since then I appeared on “Thisl” latest album “Beautiful Monster”, I continue to give God all praise and glory for who I am, and I continue to make music that reflects my life and lift up the name and character of Jesus Christ everywhere.

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  1. alcam

    I appreciate the constructive criticism but check out some of my other music. Some songs I do may have a feel thats familiar to another artist but listen to all my music it has it own unique sound. Im from STL so I do have a midwest swag but no different then when I hear artist from down south they have a down south swag. But I appreciate the comment and your opinion

  2. Young B

    Flow is nicee!! Joint riding! My thing is I like when I can feel the artist’s passion. I feel that’s what catches the listener’s attention…. Especially on beats like these. You got it going on though. Go hard for Christ Bro!!

  3. j1 of los

    Im listening homie good work. Lets collab check out our music on here the legion mixtape and others or hit me up @j1oflos be blessed

  4. A.C.

    Wow..If Fam didnt just SNAP!!! Hottest track ive heard in a min… Holla at me fam im in the 618 follow me AC_AboutChrist


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