J. Steela & A.C. – Take My Christ | Mixtape

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J. Steela & A.C. – Take My Christ


Written by Nick

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          • Yep!! Its how this one talk…U was on Bull..Real Talk but if you dont mind me asking whats wrong with the word “Bull”? Let me know then if God put it on my heart to stop saying it then I will..Smh such ashame

          • Bull is an abbreviated word for something! That is why that individual tried to make the correction!

          • Smh Nuff said lol…Can yall put yall mind on God and get off a word that wasnt even intended to be used the way yall thinking..Comments in a mixtape page are meant for your opinion on the mixtape and what you got of it and im pretty sure the people who posted negative comments on here are Grown…Like bizzle said its Hope for the Youth if the GROWN UPS WOULD GROW UP..SMH

          • Micah tried to tell you what it meant and you still refuse to see it? Yes this is a mixtape site but you as a kingdom artist have a big responsibility! When you use words like bull which is short bull****, non Christians may get the wrong idea!

            There’s a lot of pride and a lot of unwillingness to take correction these days! Especially with Christian artist! This is not me hating! This is me trying to open your eyes! We have to be careful what we say bro! You are saying grow up but you and your partner Steela are the ones acting childish and getting defensive on here!

    • Wow Broskies that was a low blow lmbo! l. O. S. Did the track better then Lecrae in my opinion go listen to the legion mixtape it’s def a contender and they ain’t up there w Lecrae but Actually you’ll did y’all thing bless up

  1. Thanks for the Love comments!! Haters give it 50 feet!! stop being so stuck on one thing. Know we are all doing it for the Lord!!

  2. Proverbs 15:32,Hebrews 12:8, let’s be able to take correction and seek understanding! It’s no need to go back and forth, we should be able to take advice, ILL talk, correction, ect as a child of God and not lose who we are in Christ.

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