A.M.P. – Hold On Ft. J1 of Legion of Souls | Single


Listen to the single and you can click on the arrow to download below.



  1. …wow…j1 from l.o.s. is a good artist I really enjoyed this song. Really what youth in relationship need to hear

  2. WOW this song hits me alot. Im talkin to dis girl and i think about her when i listen to it! Legion Of Souls!!!! KEEP IT UP HOMIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I gotta say this track is soo hot but most importantly its very much needed in the youth. The youth is suffering from fornication and this song speaks about waiting not only for the right person but also the right time. Very Good Job

  4. pssss! J1 you a genius for this one! lol good track man, im listening to all LOS right now cuz all i see on here and twitter is LOS LOS LOS so i had to peep game and I am impressed…waiting for the album

  5. Hot track really like this song! J1 should come out w a mixtape he b goin in and the legion are serious ima see bout them getting on our mixtape


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