A.M.P. – Get Stupid Ft. Legion of Souls & Rey King | Single


Listen to the single and you can click on the arrow to download below.

Intense new banger…ft LEGION OF SOULS AND REY KING …song basically showing that when we go hard for the LORD we go hard, we basically GET STUPID, because we are tru radicals for the Kingdome. Enjoy its A.M.P.



  1. Been listening to legion and Rey king for a minute thus song I heard before iys a good anthem for Christians legion got a twist to them I like Rey king no matter wdhat anyone says he beast! Amp ok lets hear him on cpl other tracks

    • I been following them a bit they in their mid 20’s amp n rey king are like early 20’s I believe. They do have really good music. Check out Legion mixtape

    • How so? Cuz they “get stupid ” for jesus? Cuz they spit differently then the others? Pls…. God gives those talent to save the lost not preach to the choir if you feel a certain way pray for them


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