Lloyd Will – Bars For Eternity Vol. 1 | Mixtape


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Lloyd Will – Bars For Eternity Vol. 1



  1. Title of the mixtape says it all Bars for the eternity and that’s exactly what Lloyd did. He delivered from track 1 to 13. It’s very rare that you can like every song on an album or mixtape, but i liked every song. I never heard of this guy until today, but the mixtape is worth listening too. I would listen to it again from beginning to end. He’s dope, God giving him those lyrics. 301

    • Yeah Paul check out the entire movement! slingshotmovement.com Lloyd is part of a group of very talented young artist who all work together to further Gods kingdom. If you liked this you should get his Free Lunch Mixtape and the Bar Code Boyz Volume 1 mixtape. Hope this helps! Enjoy! 🙂

  2. wow i almost for got…….this kid is nice…..the whole tape…most definitely worth passing on the word…………..

  3. “Life is like a basketball game, God’s reffin it/ We only got one shot, Christ set the pick/ Swish, Satan dont know who he messin wit/ Christ-like style got me cooler than a peppermint/ Boastin in the Lord, yeah Im flyer as George Jetson’s whip/ I ain’t got the best gear, I dont have the freshest kicks/ But I got eternal life so Im feelin excellent/” -Lloyd Will. dude is too crazy wit the bars!

    Dude is too sick for real!! Can’t wait to hear more!


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