Kingdom Advancement Ministries Presents: Crossing Enemy Lines | Mixtape


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Kingdom Advancement Ministries Presents: Crossing Enemy Lines



  1. I would like to Say thank you in Advance for the Support, This mixtape is gear to the Lost in the areas where the word is not shared as must. “Group Homes, Hoods, Barber shops, Juvenile Detention centers” ect.. Support all the artist on the mix. It could not have beendone without them. J B Real,
    J Steela, D Tropp, Royal T, Spit Unity, Trachead family ,Ty Watcher, A.C, Young B, Sicily, Legion of Souls, Daughter of Zion, Generation SWAGG..Its KINGDOM!!!!

    Pastor S.L.Cooper
    Where the Word of God is Beyond the four Walls.

  2. Man was blessed, alot of Good tracks. Keep repping the Kingdom! Everybody the lost needs to hear the word in a way they can receive it.

  3. This is truly a blessing!! Pastor Cooper, you are a Awesome man of God…. and you let God guide you to put together this awesome Mixtape!! Keep it up and stay blessed ……. Let’s Do Our Fathers Will

  4. Suprisingly a good effort! I actually like this! Some tracks weren’t very good but overall this was a solid project! that female siscily has skills


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