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    • Saved

      Could you please chill Sir. You make it hard for christains to enjoy what God is trying to Do in people live. This is a Christain site and you seem to be so ANTI- Christain.never a positive thing to say. If negative is all you have Keep it those things dont belong here. This Site has been a blessing to so many. RoyalT has also a True man of God by his Lifestyle. I guess its true what they say…the enemy wants to make you miserable because he’s miserable. Misery Loves Company. so to you Sir your Company is NOT welcome take that Spirit and LEAVE.. In Jesus Name

  1. @SM

    Man SHAWN you are either a Illuminati,I think you a on the Downlow and really dont have a relationship with Jesus or Just Need attention BUT you are NOT a MAN of GOD. No Support… No Love… just negative things to say. I dont think you truly like anyone on this site. You are lonely and need some attention. What CHURCH do you attend??? I would love to come and see how you all Worship? Could I get a church name please? If you can sow into peoples life Sew your Mouth and Keep those comments to your self. Thank you Sir

  2. Shawn McFarland

    Misery Loves Company. so to you Sir your Company is NOT welcome take that Spirit and LEAVE.. In Jesus Name? Call dat Gods Luv?

    • Nick


      You can not use other people’s identities to spread hate across this site. You have gone too far. It is one thing to hate on the things we post, it’s a totally different thing to take on people’s identities and make comments that are disrespectful. I have disabled the comments of you pretending to be Pastor SL Cooper. I know him, and have spoken to him personally and this is not acceptable and especially not from a “Christian”.

      I will be praying for you. You need to stop this right now otherwise more drastic measures will take place.

  3. Israel

    Praise the Lord brother Royal T. I know you got a deep sincere heart for the Lord and his people. I know you got a solid heart for Christ. I’ve prayed for you on many occasions and I will continue to lift you up in prayers unto the Lord Jesus Christ. People in this world are going to say all sorts of garbage against people who are trying to do something with their lives. You are attempting to make a difference in this messed up world and you got people out there that can’t do anything but join the mess. I just got a lot of respect for Royal T. He has a heart for service. Regardless, of what people may say I know that the Lord’s hand is with Royal T. I didn’t hear one cuss word or negative word that is being said through the lyrics. If you have any type of spiritual discernment then you would know the difference between the music of the world and this. May the Lord God Almighty, The True and Living stand strong with this dude and all that he does for the Lord, whether you like it or not:) Jesus name. One Lord One Faith One Baptism in Jesus name.

  4. The REAL Pastor COOPER

    For who ever Decided to USE PASTOR SL Cooper and MAKE false Remarks about my stand with Christain Rap or Music does not KNOW me!! I Support ROYAL T, GENERATION SWAGG (Which I am a Part of) and what they Stand for. It is VERY disrespectful to use someone elses name to say what your not BRAVE enough to say yourself. I am Very Supportive of this site if you doubt it contact me ANYTIME and I would Be glad to SPEAK with you.. My email address is ThewordUnleashed@gmail.com

    Who Ever Has made this False comments I ask you to Reframe and if you Must Use your OWN name and Words.


  5. Royal.T

    Not that I need to but a few things need to be addressed. Despite some people’s claims I am not affiliated with any Masonic order and I am definitely not affiliated with the Illuminati.

    Ever since I dropped my debut single, “Moment Inf Life” back in December I have been attacked by an individual. I have received much criticsm over my music and my album artwork. The original artwork for Tonight was called, “Too Sexy”. Then I was accused of biting the styles of B.O.B. and Lupe Fiasco when I dropped my mixtape The Prelude. Most recently I have been accused of rendering hand gestures which exalt the name of Satan. I have stayed quiet but I have to address this now.

    Anyone who knows me knows I am 100% kingdom and so is my brother Nine Up who is in this video with me. If either one of us did any hand gesture (which is not the case) it was completely unintentional. Now am I the perfect Christian? Heck no! Do I still struggle with issues? Yuuuppp. That will be evident on my debut mixtape because I believe in being 100% transparent. But one thing I am not is a Devil worshipper. That’s insane for anyone to think or say that. I despise any organization that speaks against Christ and I definitely would not be affiliated with one!

    It’s really sad that I’m even taking my time out to write this. My only prayer when I made this video was for it to touch someone. I wish we could be talking about the message of the song rather than something that clearly is not there. These past 6 months have been very rewarding but also very discouraging and disappointing. So many Non-Christians really are getting behind the music, the message and the presentation. Am I the typical Christian Rapper? No. And I will continue to break the mold and step outside of the traditional box. But what’s sad is we as Christians attack one another. We gotta stop that. To the individual who has been attacking me I will be praying for you.

    Not much more to say on this matter. I just want to thank all the people who do support me. You guys keep me pushing and I truly respect you for that. July 7th, 2011 I will be dropping “Death Of Me” featuring my little brother D-Tropp. I promise that that release will continue to break the mold and target the NON-SAVED like I have been doing. Much love to you all and stay blessed!
    1 Peter 2:9


    Make sure y’all check this statement out at http://www.iamroyalt.net

  6. Israel


    If you are going through a trial
    And the burden is heavy for you
    Surrender it all to Jesus
    He knows what to do.

    Increase your Faith every day
    Keep pressing on and be strong
    Faith will conquer every fear
    God can fill your heart with song.

    Even when you are so weary
    And when tears dim your eyes
    Trust in God to bring you through.
    He is with you and hears your cries.

    When discouragement touches your mind
    And your heart aches with pain
    God will lift the hard times from you
    Be patient as He restores you again.

    Pray to God for every moment
    Lift your voice up in praise
    It will help to lift your spirit
    Let Him guide in all your ways

  7. Shawn McFarland

    Royal.T glad you finally were man enough to speak on my concerns even though you didn’t come out and admit your past affiliations with the Masonic order! I happen to know one of your brothers in Germany and happen to know how far you got!

    I wish everyone else would butt out! This is between me and brother Royal.T! I felt tour silence has kept this going! You should’ve just come out and said im not a mason! I’ve seen pictures of you throwing up the pyramid sign over your eye numerous times! So I had legitimate reasons to believe what I believed! I just know the darkness they rep and I’m trying to save you!

    • Nick

      Shawn, he’s already been saved. Our old selves are dead and we born new.
      Our past is our past and our future is in Christ. Apparently you didn’t REALLY listen to the lyrics to the songs because you misinterpreted the whole message of “The Prelude” mixtape.

      Trying to save souls by causing chaotic hate is not a good way of spreading God’s Word and is not the way God intended his love for each one of us to be shared.

  8. True Story

    dawg I am far from perfect so ima be real @shawn you need to stop that hatin homeboy it aint cool you trying to get under someone skin, you wont dare say that to a dude face christian or not you would have those remarks about me forefront u wouldnt like the outcome homeboy watch yo mouth before the God people on this site are promoting slaps some real sense into you. Yall boys keep doing your thang i am no christian or believer as yall call I believe there is a christ and I am working on my relationship, Ive heard some music on here such as legion and royal t, and the breax, and not bad Im from opa locka florida and all im accustomed to is ricky ross so its good to hear the other side, shawn back up chump

  9. Robbert


    • Royal.T

      Thanks brother. Looking forward to continuing on bring y’all heat. July 7th I’ll be dropping the first single of my debut mixtape. Pretty excited bout it!

  10. D-Tropp

    Shawn… goodness gracious bruh you need PRAYERS! But so do I… so as you pray for yourself pray for me too. With all that time you spend bashing other christians you could spend that time to bring non-christians to Christ. But you a pastor? Dawg you don’t present yourself as one and that’s a big shame. Do me a favor… and this is not sarcastic… but go to my newest mixtape Crossified and post any comments that you like. You and I don’t know each other and you don’t know anything about me. Because of that you can critique my music off of observation of the MUSIC rather than critique it off of what you “know about me.” Please give Royal.T a break and hit my music up with as many negative comments as you want and I’m being serious.


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