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Young Chozen – The Campaign

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  1. Royal.T

    Definitely the best mixtape drop from Young Chozen yet. I know this brother personally and I have seen the growth in his music. Keep it up brother!

    • Taffy

      Swagg should be his middle name aye…. Young Swagg Chozen.. how does that sound

  2. Jake

    Oioi rude boi… good to meet you yesterday in the kick store.
    cheers for the heads up on the beats and good luck with the show today and all the best for the future bruv! = D get in touch if you ever back in Brisvegas

  3. Lawrence Dolo

    yo what up young c ? I hope u are going on fine / I’m from ALTA-1, u ure really good at singging main, god love u / peace from lawrence

  4. Kassie Church

    I love this Mix 🙂
    next time your in QLD, Aus vist us again we loved you
    Thruingowa State High School


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