Legion Of Souls – Extraordinary Ft. F.E.R.N. | Single


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  1. This now one of my fav sites for HHH and these new guys l.o.s. come thru again. I’m still ridin to the “legion” cd. This track goes hard! Fernie! Murked it

  2. yooooooooooooo i am loving this yo fresh fuego fire O.G Muzik baby haha yeah this is gonna be music that will take over industry or ride it thru haha yea L.O.S

  3. i like the song, its tight. the best verses are j-1’s and fern’s. goddi’s is straight, but he still sounds like he did 2 or 3 mix-tapes ago.

  4. The third and fourth verses are the best ones. I like the singing the first guy did but the lyrics on the third guy is good.

  5. The beat and production are nuts, but I’ve got an issue with the lyrics. It sounds like they’re saying “I’m awesome and I’m a Christian”…honestly it sounds like the same secular rap I hear filled with braggadocio and talking about swag, except with talking about God in it.
    Dropping God’s name on a song is cool, but isn’t as important as having the ATTITUDE of Jesus. I wish I could think of a scripture to back that up, but I believe it with all my heart. And don’t even get me started on the line “I define what all y’all believe in.”
    I’m not trying to start anything, but the attitude of this song just sounds all wrong to me…I’ve been listening to it for almost 2 weeks now and once I got past the sick production, I noticed the lyrics.

  6. Finally someone who hears what I hear! These aren’t kingdom lyrics! Artist like Royal.T Rey King LOS are full of themselves! RoyalT says in a song, “used to be underground now I’m so major! I’m so major I’m so fly! So
    Much SWAGG since I gave my life? Wtheck? How is that kingdom! I’m def no fan of Los

    • The lyrics continue to say: “Serving With A Godly Gift, yeah that’s right”

      You hear what you want to hear. SWAGG = serving with a Godly gift. Understand how the lyrics are written before you judge.

      • yeah Nick you tell them how it and be quiet shawn dont judge a book by its cover or understand lyrics well yall but before you say anything

  7. @ Shawn I could see what you mean by this but I live in the Florida area and have had the pleasure of seeing bot LOS and Rey King in concert and actually have gone to LOS church and seen one of them minister and let me tell you they are all about GOD. Look why is it that when people hear something out of the ordinary they judge, yall want these cats to spit about crack, coccaine or sex or money or whatever? They not spitting to the church! They looking to save souls, understand the lyrics beforeyou cast stone, NOONE, i mean NOONE is perfect not me you or LOS and I tell you this they will be the first to tell you I have seen them being the most humble servants in their church and serve. That is the heart God looks for in a person, the heart of a servant and all three of these men have it. They arent preaching to the choir they are reaching those who need the word most. Go listen to their Mixtape, The Legion, songs like “journey, dreams, so much better, damaged, hands up, let it go, mercy reign, and def LOST IN YOU, all spit crazy about GOD but you hear something not for the church and you judge. Listen to Rey Kings, whole cd and you will notice songs that minister as well. I am sorry if ou feel this way but I am a tru fan of what these young men are bringing new to table. Keep it up fellas you got my support. Song is crazy!!!

  8. @Shawn. Definately judging without an knowledge. Its critics like you that make christian musicians go secular. Do your research before you go planting negative seeds.

  9. I could see where ppl would say they are cocky. But listen to their testimony. They are humble. Listen to all their music! I’ve listened to l.o.s. for bout 4 yrs and their music has changed but their hearts haven’t. Lots of love to rey king and los. Don’t judge let’s pray for them…

  10. amen to everybody who has L.O.S back yup you always gotta know with knowledge and wisdom and kno the person well before you say anything i say christian music is better than secular rap due all of things like Q.peterson haha

  11. @Dlamp bro I believe the line “i define what all you believe in ” is a subliminal, like we are strivin to be like christ, that is the goal of a Christian to be christ Like, he is stating that he defines that role, as saying I am striving to be like jesus.

  12. man these dudes are doing something different, i love HHH but I hate when people when they hear the one that doesnt say “god” in every bar, and they judged, you gotta hear the music between the lines, the message is how extraordinary God is and how he makes us extrordinary in his image, I love it, LOS keep it up fam, I loVe it!

  13. Very good party track and for souls in the streets…
    not really feeling the whole “i define what all youll belive in” line but i guess he talking in parables

    the autotune effect was awesome on the first guy verse he killed it
    3rd guy went lyrical
    Fern was fern which is always good!

  14. Cop that sample of life. The CD is fire!!!!!!! I promise u! I got it thinking it was gonna.b aight based on l.o.s Muzik here but its fire! This is.on there and this song go so.hard for god


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