Legion Of Souls – Monster Part II | Single


Listen to the single and you can click on the arrow to download below.



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  1. Aight well here I am at 130am in morning can’t sleep and I come to the site to hear some good hip hop and I come across these dudes tracks and mixtape. The mixtape was bangin won’t lie. Pt 1 of monsta was aight had its moments where I felt dude was battlerapping the industry and that’s kool but egh…then pt 2 I hear these dudes goin in bar for baar I won’t lie. Beat is a bit less exciting then the first one w kanye sample but bangin nonetheless. So far I give “the legion” a 3.5 out of 5 right now after a few more bangers if they have and a cpl more mixtapes and solid album that will go up. But I am impressed w this new hip hop

  2. these dudes grinding hard, this song aint their best work from what i seen from their mixtape but def they show versatility on this one more than others. They grinding tho thats what is up. Big Ups to the ministers grinding!

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