Kalel – Fireproof | Mixtape


Download the entire mixtape here

Listen to the full mixtape below!

Kalel – Fireproof



    • Thank you! @ God be the Glory! If you like it share with your friends and add me on FB and Twitter! Lets repp the Kingdom 2 the fullest!

    • My brother from another mother!!! Love you too bro! Keep Repping the Kingdom and Im over here listening to your mixtape!!! its FIRE!!!

  1. lol, I’m listening to the mixtape Fireproof by my man Kalel, and my two year old walks in the room bopping his head, singing Love a Little More but hold up he is grooving…lol wish u could have seen it. Keep Movin Kalel

    • My #1 supporter is NOW officially your son! Cant wait until he jumps on stage wit me! lol *singing Love A Little More!!!


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