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Legion Of Souls – The Legion



  1. lol these dudes are pretty good but what makes me like cd even more is the skits with panda boys or whatever they are called, lol its mad funny. we gotta bring these dudes to upstate NY

  2. not bad I wont front. we gotta show indie artists more love. They grinding and this mixtape sound better then some notable names. Im just saying, and im a huge flame and lecrae fan

  3. im a nasty critic and I give it a 3.5 out of 5. They def got bangers. Journey and poison r hits. But song thats best to me number 11 show u. That is most complete track on cd besides journey. And its bout a gurl….but no one can stop us go hard

  4. This is bangin mixtape it go mad hard! The production by Rey King and beats is crazy! keep it up fellas, you got our support

  5. 1 of the best mixtapes ive eva heard no doubt but d panda stuff wasnt necessary…i mean mentionin b**** and oda unconvincin words can spoil the anointing.ive deleted d 1st 2 n still considering d last.no offense

  6. appreciate the love and honesty no offense taken at all fam. We just wanted to do something a little diiferent then the norm. Hope it didnt deter yo0ur ear from the vision of the mixtape, we have recvd good and bad criticsm on The panda boyz, lol honestly we were just having fun and show a goofy side of us and give a story of “anyone” can be saved even the PANDA BOYS…

  7. Sorry New H20 but i had to review this cd after so many comments to see what was up with it. And here is my review!
    “Lost In You” is a deep song, I LOVE that track!!!!
    Let It Go is a pretty deep track as well for the the ones dealing with relationships
    Poison, Too Badf ft Rey King and Monsta are in your face bangers
    The beat on We Hungry is crazy
    We Made iT is a cool track going a bit into their past
    Jouney is def a single
    Show You and dedicated are 2 of the best love songs Ive heard from christian Hip Hop
    Far Away was used by lecrae idk who had first but this one aint bad lol
    Dreams was the perfect song to start off any mixtape
    Damaged was ok
    Hands up is a def party song
    So Much better song was aight but the hook was stays in your head lol
    The panda boyz was funny as heck but i agree was possibly not needed, but i did laugh
    Overall this mixtape gets 2 thumbs up.

  8. The mixtape is too powerful and CHRIST centered and d panda did move me and now dat uve cleared it up makes me relate better,I so much appreciate all d songs n production and applaude d fact dat u guys used a Chh beat ‘far away’ cos i wonder why other artist use secular beats almost all d time,dere shud at least be a balance.Well as 4 me,I am officially a L.o.s fan and here’s my email to keep me on post ridewithjnr@yahoo.com,I rate this a 5star Chh mixtape from d depth of my heart,and please everybody shud download this and recommed to otha’s dont miss out on this free treasure.GOD Bless this brothers.

    • I agree with You Kelz this mixtape was awesome. 85% of this mixtape is bangin, thats an incredible number. I loved it I dl and gave to like 4 of my peeps from school

  9. Man….they really lovin this mixtape. Y arent these guys signed? There are only 3 big labels like reach cross movement and cant remember other but I dont think they would fit in w any of these labels. But the legion steady reppin og muzik

  10. Yo thanks to all love for my leader group I especially really did love all of songs they all great awesome

  11. Also music ministers to your life even words and messages of what all are about Really on in order to show to represent God’s kingdom gotta make music perfect and this is perfect so it’s shows artist is really a kingdom artist

  12. Very good CD, I am a fan. I gotta say the panda boys thing to me was madd stupid but then i kept listening and it grew on me and its madd funny. My fav Song is Damaged, song literally spoke to me. All I can say is dude who does the hooks if he can just calm down a bit on the high notes he can take it crazy cuz he got a voice but sometimes him going high takes that away. Overall good CD “The Legion” got a new fan as Im seeing from above there are a few more as well. New H2o why yal been holding back on this cd? lol

  13. Pss. Umm where these guys came out of? U see its the under the radar music makin the most noise. Keep it up fellas

  14. Hottttttt mixtape. The skits even tho funny I could’ve done without…but I’m banging this in whip now! Legion good job

  15. New Fan over here, I love L.O.S., every song on this cd are good, not lying, every song, even skits are toooooooo funny

  16. Very solid mixtape. J1 I’m appalled how I acted. This Mixtapes show your versatile. Not a fan yet but I support u lol los yeah!

  17. after over a year i am still jamming to this cd. Journey, Dreams, Monsta, Hands Up, Lost in you, No one can stop us are my still banging in my IPOD #legion-is-winning


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