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At the age of 14 Kidd is on pace to become a force in Kingdom Music. I have never heard any youngster with a polished skill like this which truly shows that he is serving with a Godly gift.

Listen to the full mixtape below!

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  1. MannyMan

    Loving This Kidd lol Representing Boricuas!!!Let’s Go!! and dude got a brain” Lord keep using him! Amen! It’s Ya Boy MannyMan

  2. Jesse A

    yo this mixtape is tight this kid is 14 what lol dude can rhyme 5 stars no doubt


    Yea man i see you out here doing your thing as the young kid , im 15 up under DJ DEX…. we gotta huck up im working on my first album. called change of direction. I got two mixtapes but ,my email is , look me up on you tube ( djright2010 we taking over)!!!

  4. Hayden

    This is nice for his age! I can’t wait to hear him again when he’s about 16.

  5. David Whitfied

    This dude is nice, he has great upside. Your on my radar KIDD.

  6. empire

    yo you can see him in las vegas or you can look up victory outreach and see wat charch he goes to andlook me up on facebook to lisen wat he has done i know this because i go to his charch andyou can look mhim up on facebook to at Aaron kidd and look me up at lincoln aiello

  7. Shawn Robinson

    Dude i love this track………..ive been watchin ur videos and i just wanted to tell you that you need to keep doin your thing and keep inspire people like me. im 13 and i am going to try and start rappin but I just cant get hang of it. So if you could help hit me up at………….GOD bless love it

  8. Tamaus

    Dude’s swag is killer and his flow is sweet. Beats on point. Kidd is beast. Respect

  9. ben

    hey, your killin it out there, you are rappin, doin wat u luv, and using the sword of the lord in your music keep killin it

  10. jai guerin

    kidd ima gospel rapper and ineed to holla at you please try to come to word of life community church in chickasaw 351 south craft highway and ask for me iwanna do music and spread the word


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