DLiv – I’m A Winner ft. Josiah Martin | Single


Listen to the single and you can click on the arrow below to download on iTunes.


Written by Nick

Love God. Hip Hop Enthusiast. Serial entrepreneur. Web Developer. Founder of newH2O.com. I Never Stop.

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  1. When I heard this song I thought about my son, who will be 46 years next month. He was brought in a God-fearing family, but went astray at a very young age. He has tried to sing rap for years without God in his life and he’s hasn’t gone very far with his music.

    I jump everytime I hear the phone ring late at night because he could be in trouble again. Oh, how I wish he would sing rap for God like you and I believe God would save him or vice versa.

    Love your song, heard it on satelite TV (TAP).

    Just say a prayer for Katrena and her son. God will know who I am.

    Be Blessed.

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