Bizzle – The Messenger 3 | Mixtape


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NOTE: Track 4 was removed for explicit content



  1. Man I appreciate this dude a lot… i chopped it up briefly the other night on twitter about some of his thoughts and I gotta say that it was a blessing. I know a lot of you may think that he went a little overboard with the Nicki song…. truthfully someone has to do it. We gotta understand that we are allowing ourselves to listen to people who blatantly go against our King’s teaching! Bizzle says it’s gotta be different… This dude is a great artist and you can tell that it’s WAYY DEEPER than music for him. He’s preaching over 27 tracks, they just happen to have a beat behind it. Man shouts out to you my dude! This project is beastly! We need more artists like you who aren’t afraid to speak the truth.

    Stay blessed and hope to talk to you again soon.

  2. man i agree he speak on so much that some dont or mite be scared to talk about he down for whateva to giv god glory him and the breax are my fav rappers cant wait til his album come out

  3. this dude is speaking nothing but the truth cuz i live in the straight ghetto nd im mean ghetto people dying everyday drug dealers everywhere but i do not see any of these fake a** rapper out here with us but i do hear them talking bout killing people selling drugs nd all that nd respect him all the way nd he has the south side lorain with him


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