B3AR FRUIT – Fruit Cocktail | Mixtape


Download the entire mixtape here

Listen to the full mixtape below!



  1. Hands down the best mixtape I heard this whole year. B3arfruit choose an amazing host of singers and rappers, some of whole I haven’t heard of like Monielle, Melissa T., Zae Da Blacksmith. Don’t miss out on this gold mine!

  2. Great mixtape and a great deal of variety here is found. I really enjoyed the whole mixtape. Hope they do another one. This is definetly worth downloading and listening too.

  3. Man, this is dope! and free? I’m over trying to grab my size b3ar fruit tee. Who knew hip hop could be so sweet? I’m suprised LeCrae didn’t get up on this beat. Thankin God for y’all and thinkin how to show it… If I can support you, please let me know it.


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