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A week ago if you said, Travis Malloy to me I would’ve responded with, “WHAT”? But today, I’m telling you that Travis Malloy is going to be a major force in the industry. This dudes vocal range and control is ridiculous. This mixtape is for the old and the young alike. So let’s get to it.

1. Its Not Over- It’s not over until God says it’s over is the theme to the opening track. For you secular heads this track as a Jamie Foxx, “Blame It” feel to it but its message is a lot more powerful. This was a brilliant way to start the mixtape off as Travis Malloy uses auto-tune perfectly which is a nice combination to his already smooth vocals!

2. Outstanding- This one right here is for all you old school, Charlie Wilson, Gap Band fans. Y’all know your boy is from Chi Town (Chi Town stand up) and this track makes me wanna stand up, grab a partner and get my step on. I love the lyrics to this. Travis tells the Lord that he knocks him off his feet! Okay this is only the 2nd track I’ve heard and I already am marking it down as one of the standout tracks. “You light my fire, I feel alive, You blow my mind, I’m satisfied”. Yessirrr! We should all be able to sing this one to our Father!

3. God’s Children/Incredible- What do John Legend and the brothers from 21:03 all have in common? They all can sing their behinds off. And Travis Malloy proves that he has every right to be mentioned with them with this amazing, breath taking cover. Travis starts off with God’s Children which is a remix of Ordinary People. I’m telling y’all this song will definitely leave you with chills. Background vocals are perfect. Man, I’m really diggin this and lyrically, well Travis holds it down. God will never let us go no matter what we do. That is one of the main messages Travis stresses as he sings this song. And he perfectly ends with a lil bit of 21:03’s hit Incredible. This is a must listen. You may end up getting your worship by the end of this one!

4. Heaven Only Knows- Travis continues with another John Legend cover, with “Heaven Only Knows”. Travis gives this song a new breath of life. He addresses many issues that we have questions about on this song. But at the end of the day only Heaven knows. He says, “Lord we need you to make a way, Lord we need you day by day!” That couldn’t be any more true. This is a good remix.

5. Glad To Be Saved- I’m a straight up Neo-Soul fan so Travis got me on this one. While the music is crazy on point the words are well, the words speak for themselves. “I’m so glad to be saved, my whole life has been changed”. Man I love this song. It reminds me how great it is to be saved. After hearing this song my grandmother would say, “That Boy SHO can SANG!”

6. Tribute To The King- Using some tracks from “The King of Pop” Travis sings some songs to “The King of Kings”. For all you old heads, I mean grown follks I really think y’all gonna dig this one. It’s gonna take you back and they way he changes the song up is really amazing. Those who dislike when Kingdom Artist do remakes of secular songs at least give this a try. Man this dudes vocals is sick.

7. I Can Spit- To this point Travis has showcased his singing skills but on I Can Spit, Travis channels Omarion and goes too hard as auto-tune assists him as he flows a lil bit. This track definitely changes the pace of the mixtape and shows the versatility as an artist that Travis possesses. I’m head bopping like crazy as I listen to this one.

8. Dance Mix- Travis keeps the high energy moving on this track. This one is definitely for the young people and maybe the young at heart. This is a nice track to move into the next.

9. Say Ahh- Travis covers the popular Trey Songz song and continues to give us something to move to. But it’s not just about moving physically. See the words of the song is talking about not partying but celebrating in the Lord. “I rep the kingdom like a campaign, Something like Obama with no Champagne, I don’t need that to keep me satisified, I get hype when I think about just how he died” That lil part right there goes too hard. This was one of the better remixes I’ve heard this year.

10. You Can Make It- Where’s all my old school rap fans? I’m talking about Biggie days. Why do I ask? Well this song is for you. What? This dude raps too. His flow is real smooth and he’s actually speaking a lot of truth on this one! He’s telling us that life can be tough, it can be hard, it can be rough, but we gotta make it worth. We gotta make it our own and make things work! Don’t miss out on this track!

11. I Can Make It- The bass beats hard as Travis remixes T-Pain’s “I Can’t Believe It”. Another smash remix from Mr. Malloy. He’s telling the Lord he can’t believe the sacrifice he made for him and how much he is grateful for it all. This is an awesome reimagination of this song.

12. Found Your Love- Keeping the remixes going, Travis remixed Find Your Love. Telling God that he’s more than an option and he’ll never be forgotten. Travis proclaiming to God that he is glad that he found God’s love and that he will never find another love like him! This is too cool!

13. Help Me- The final track of a flawless mixtape doesn’t disappoint. Travis slows things down with a remix to “O” but the words is what stands out to me. He is speaking candidly about an issue that we all fight with. At times our faith waivers, we backslide but we can always can come back. We just gotta tell God that we need him. Never thought that this could be a worship song, but Travis shows us what the Devil meant for bad God can use it for good!

So in conclusion I no longer ask, “Who Is Travis Malloy?” Travis is an annointed man of God who is going to go far in his pursuit of building the Kingdom through his music ministry. This mixtape has something for everyones. The old heads, grown folks, old school rap fans, and the youth of today. This is a definite 5 Water Bottle Mixtape but I would go on to say that this may be the best mixtape that I have heard all year. And believe me I have heard a lot of mixtapes this year. Get this thing out y’all. I wanna hear Travis Malloy everywhere. And as the southern folk would say, “Err’Where!” Until next time fam.

Lovin God, Lovin Music, Lovin Life,

Preacher Boy

5 Responses

  1. Micah

    I was really feeling this one. This is the first of it’s kind here on New H2O and this right here is straight up Kingdom R&B. Let’s get this thing moving y’all!

  2. PastorJ

    This is a real smooth and really mixed well. Download it, get on the highway, and drive!!

  3. kaycee uzougbo

    Ever since i layed my eyes on travis in the last stella awards i never forgave myself for not knowing him when God gifted him with such amazing voive and talent. I have been wondering when someone will bring creativity into the gospel scene ever since Kirk so Travis all 10 fingers up for you you are currently my Hit star. may God strenghten you and continue to guide you.

  4. KaTrina ST-Perrin

    reading sister2sister magazie and ran across artical on Travis. never heard of so I got up and got on computer. Dude is awsome!!! Can’t wait for my kids to get in today, so that they can listen. My dad was a music major/pre-med. He became band director of black school here in Moultrie GA,(William Bryant High) years ago and we all played instruments and sang. My son still make beats for aspiring singers and rappers. I just love it when it is about the LORD! May GOD continue to bless U, in JESUS Name.


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