J. Santana – LivinNmE | Single


Listen to the single below.



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  1. This brother is going to be stepping “Behind The Mic” soon. This song is fire and his upcoming CD is going to be something else! Make sure you check him out on iTunes today! Let me know what you guys think!~ Preacher Boy

  2. Man, I’m so proud of my big bro!!!
    I absolutely love this song!! I promise you he’s the next big thing!! Buying this song, YOU WONT REGRET!!! The lyrics are HOT & so is the beat!
    You don’t find a lot of music like this these days!!
    It’ll bless you!! God was truly all in this song & brother!!
    —The Little Minister

  3. Praise the Lord! this song is Awesome and i love everything about it! The Word of God is coming forth in such a creative and effective way! God has given us a new song! Thank You Lord for LivingNme! God bless you J! Keep doing all that God has called you to do!

  4. Yes Lord! This song is on point and jammin 🙂 We have a new way to praise the Lord and get the Word out! Keep the faith in God and keep singing for Him! I will defiantly have to have an autographed CD lol, God Bless You!

  5. I really enjoyed listening to this song. Head bobbing song. Drving in my car with the sunroof open. Better than that, mood setting song when I’m thinking about Life. I give it two thumbs up and a round of applause. “Livin In Me” That’s how it’s gotta be!
    I Love it J.

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