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  1. shanise

    i love it and u know it just keep on doin yo that and stay blessed much love newnew

  2. the believer

    dont have no other god before its his commandments trust the lord at all time dont listed to the buda worshipper he will have his turn in the lake of fire unless he repent and turn from his ways

  3. bjm

    I understand what you trying to do but y do it on Hip Hop, R&B or Rap track that has already been released? When I hear it it make me wanna sing the other song and not hear what you have going on. yall need you own beats…

    • Micah

      How do you know it’s a secular song? Meaning why are you listening to secular music? Hmmmm…. Something to think about!

  4. youngsoul

    That’s why its called a Mixtape….if it was my own Beats it would be a Album…But I’m praising God and u to busy hating to realize it hahaha

  5. KaylaFBaby

    I love the music. it is very inspirational to me and others. you all are truly blessed in doing this type of music. God is really working through yall to touch others with your music. keep up the good work guys. and God bless. love always.


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