This is not a free mixtape but a great mixtape!

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Here’s what Sauce Remix had to say about his upcoming mixtape titled Soul Food. Make sure you check back here, we will be posting his new mixtape when it is available to us.

Brethren, this is the info for the CD I’ve been talking about: The name of the mixtape is the “Soul Food” mixtape. The idea and concept of it is to literally feed peoples soul through the Gospel via the vehicle of rap. It will be a free project with free DL’s on every site I can get it on and I want to encourage people to DL it and pass it out, using it as a evangelism tool, encouragement and a “gift” to those who made need it and can’t afford it. For the Internet, I want people to email it(the DL link), send it, text it whatever, to those who they “know” who need to hear it and may not want to risk buying it or the hassle with ever thing that comes with buying a CD, just DL and listen to it! The CD really aims at the lost & new believers, with more emotional, relational and real life tracks that talk about stuff they go through, common scenarios and dialogues, some testimony and overall glorifying God by giving them Jesus as the answer to their overall problems, not ignoring the financial, physical and mental needs though. The project features: PRo, Pastor AD3, Suzy Rock, Dre Sr., Chris Lee, Street Pastor, Under5ive and many more, it also will be hosted by DJ Jesus Beats. The project is not about “me” but about all of us, reaching to all of them. It will not just be music but also poetry, teaching, and “infomercials”(lol). It will have a mixture of secular beats for familiarity to real “Hip-hop heads”, and beats from Christian producers as well. The samples in the music will set the tone for older people who may listen, to catch their attention. It has a real laid back, smooth feel to it, not just hard fire and brimstone rap but a mood of comfort, love, familiarity and authenticity. It will have about 20 tracks to show variety and depth but not all are full songs, we don’t want to “rap” them to death but provide a wholesome meal; therefore giving them: “Soul Food”.

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