Mark Ant – From The Church To The Street Mixtape


Download the entire mixtape here

Listen to the full mixtape below!



  1. Mark , Oh my this awesome — God is using you mightly– Our young people need something else to listen to other than secular music –and the blessing part is your speaking the word of God although out your flow — I enjoyed it– because it is ministering the truth which is the word of God and I surely would let Annie listen to it — let me know when it is in stores ! And it is anointed and I believe every word was given by Holyspirit! Kingdom Building!

  2. Man Mark Ant is a beast, I love his prods his flow his humblity, man his music is kingdom Music !!
    An awesome MC gifted of God and use it for the Glory of 1 Name: JESUS !

    San John (Christian Rap Artist from France)


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