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If you have ever heard of the phrase short but sweet and have heard this project, you know that it definitely applies to the short but classic, 4 track EP, Applause. Swoope’s delivery is seamless and if it were not for the positive lyrics one would think they were listening to the newest Drake or Kanye record. Lyrically Swoope can go toe to toe with many of today’s mainstream rappers!

On Applause, Swoope raps over heavy 808’s, and dark piano and strings as he, tells God that he wants nothing more than his approval! Swoope tells the Father, that he’s turning from his prideful ways and no longer being a self promoter. He admits that he used to be out for himself but now the only audience he seeks is God! On the auto-tune friendly Choices, Swoope leaves us with the fact that there is a choice that we all have to make. There is no middle ground. Either we are for God or not for him. Another 808 friendly track will definitely leave your speakers bumping. I’m, Good, I’m Cool leaves off right where Choices leaves off. Production on this track is top notch and Swoope’s lyrics are just as good. Swoope leaves us with Swindled. This right here is my favorite track on this CD. He addresses the state of the Music Industry and how it is desperately in need of saving. The negativity in the music industry must cease.

Swoope delivers on this effort but also leaves us wanting more! It should be very interesting to see where he goes after this. He definitely has a formula that can easily take him to the top of the Christian Rap world. As long as he continues to keep God first and preach the word through music the sky is the limit for Swoope! Hope you all enjoy and until next time~ Preacher Boy

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  1. Micah

    As you see in my review above this dude goes too hard! Come on y’all. Tell us what you think. Leave some love and let him know bout his work!

  2. Emily

    This is great!!! I love the music and the beats and more importantly I ABSOLUTELY ADORE that it reps Christ! Keep it up! God bless you, your family, and your ministry!!!

  3. Mark

    Swoope, your music has ministered to a lot of brother I know. Be encouraged and keep pumping this holy spirit filled super smash box music. One love…

  4. Kelz

    If lecrae and reach were not dere,swoope is the best thing that can happen in this kind of music

    • SaintQ

      Wow! If you hadn’t left this comment, I wouldn’t have known about this absolutely awesome & awesomely anointed artist! Thnx Tank.

    • K tda G

      Sorry but Drake is garbage. Swoope is blessed and talented, you could never compare Swoope to Drake.


    this cat is easily one of the dopest rappers doin it saved or unsaved!


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