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Du2ce is one of the fastest rising Kingdom Music artist and he has finally released his much anticipated J.C. Saved Me 3 mixtape. This mixtape concludes the J.C. Saved Me series which if you don’t have already make sure you pick up at And now to the review.

1. Go- I’ve followed Du2ce for awhile and this song has the same formula as Zone Out & Fly Away and Imma Be Christian. It’s a straight up dance track that is sure to get you on your feet. I think this is a pretty good interpretation of the Great Commission. We gotta let our light shine and get our word and tell somebody. That’s spreading the Gospel y’all. Du2ce knows how to preach the word in a fresh way!

2. Lord I Need More- Production on this mixtape is crazy. This track is definitely something you can ride out to! But it did leave me a little disappointed and wanting more. This track had a lot of potential to be epic but it just didn’t get where I wanted to go. But I must say the ending is amazing. “It’s Jehovah. That’s who we ride for. There ain’t no Jay Hova! That’s too close”. All I can say Du2ce went in on that one. Classic right there. This is definitely a filler track but it’s not bad.

3. Born To Ride- Du2ce recovers quickly with Born To Ride. Lyrically Du2ce holds his own on this anthem track. Although this is short, and some would consider it a filler track, this is one of my favorite cuts on the mixtape! How you stop a team that wants to die? That’s amazing. That’s where we need to be. Put on for the Kingdom and be ready to die for this fight!

4. Drop Sin- Young Chozen joins Du2ce for Drop Sin. Are you jerking yet? Production is similar to Jerk 4 The King and Dance Like David and just like those songs, Du2ce rhymes perfectly fit the vibe of the song. Anyone who is familiar with Young Chozen knows that his flow is very different by Du2ce and Young Chozen compliment one another perfectly on this song. Du2ce and Young Chozen effectively rap over the jerk beat, declaring how their old lives are behind them. A standout line for me was, “Sin is tomato, I’m a tomato, Not of this world, I don’t care what you say doe, I’m a new creation, something like play-dough, I drop sin like playing hot potato” which was offered by Young Chozen. Don’t skip this one y’all.

5. Keep It- Du2ce continues with the theme of dropping sin and living a new life, with Drop Sin. Du2ce delivers an amazing 16 on this track. The track may be short but it is definitely sweet!

6. My Wifey- The newly wed gives an ode to his WIFEY on this track. I have mad respect for him for this one! The word tells us he who finds a wife finds a good thing and Du2ce has perfectly shown us that he has found a good thing! This is a blessing that we all should be looking forward to!

7. Joy- Man, I tell you this track hits. Makes me feel like I’m on an Island somewhere in Samoa or Hawaii. This is probably the most inspirational tracks on the mixtape and it’s a different feel from what we are used to hearing from Du2ce. Du2ce reminds us that weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. This is one of the tracks that stay on repeat for me!

8. What Would You Do?- Du2ceposes the question What Would You Do? The question he brings forth is a question that we all have to come to terms with. We have all have a choice to make. Christ Life or Nothing as my big homie Nine Up would say. See a lot of people don’t believe in eternity and they live for today and tomorrow. But what happens when you’re gone? Du2ce effectively raps over the Cassie beat and gives a whole new dimension to the tune! The ending of the track Du2ce offers Christ to the listener and you don’t feel like you’re being preached at. I like this one!

9. Glory- Du2ce get’s his Auto-Tune on on this one. On Glory Du2ce shows us that he is an amazing storyteller. Not much to say about this track but to say that it is the ultimate praise anthem. To God Be The Glory!

10. Fade Away- Du2ce and Nine Up team up and deliver a lyrical assault on Fade Away. My attention as caught with the reggae sample hook and beat. And Du2ce comes out the gate running. I must say Cali has Kingdom Music on lock after hearing these two natives of the Sunshine State spit. They remind us that everything on this earth, money, cars, fame, possessions will all fade away. Only what we do for Christ will last. Great song!

11. Number One- So Yung Vealy assists Du2ce in telling us that the Lord is Number One. If you don’t know who Yung Vealy is y’all need to get up on him. This guy is killing it and he is definitely the go to guy for a collab. Most importantly just like Du2ce he’s doing it solely for the Kingdom! Young Vealy definitely makes this track standout. T-Pain move on, Yung Vealy is the the new Hook Man. This is a crazy praise track that allows you to step outside the box of “traditional” praise and get into a new level of glorifying God!

12. Rep Christ Over Here- Production on this track is no different than the other cuts, AMAZING! Lyrically Du2ce once again delivers showing us what it means to be young, fly & saved at the same time!

13. Everything- A Jodeci sample. Really? Somehow. I don’t know how, but somehow, Du2ce made this work. I love this song. One of the strong songs lyrically this shows all dimensions to Du2ce and his music. Like I said he’s a great story teller!

14. Like Life’s Okay- I think there was no other way to end this project than with this song Like Life’s Okay. Every generation has a song that has touched the hearts of people. A song that needs to be heard by each soul. There was John Lennon’s, “Imagine”, Marvin Gaye’s, “What’s Going On?”, Michael Jackson, “We Are The World” and I truly believe that Du2ce’s “Like Life’s Okay” is that song for this generation. Lyrically Du2ce is unmatched on this track. But it goes far beyond that. At 5:06 of the song, Du2ce does something that most people aren’t used to hearing from a lot of Kingdom Artist. He begins to minister. And you can hear the anointingin his voice. Wow! It almost brings you to tears as he ministers to the listener. I won’t lie. It brought me to tears. Especially when he began speaking of Jesus on the cross and His ultimate sacrifice for us. There is no way that this song won’t touch your heart. For anyone who thinks that Christian Rap is not a ministry make sure they hear this song.

Stand Out Tracks: Like Life’s Okay, Fade Away, Drop Sin & Number One

Best Collab: Number One feat. Yung Vealy

So Du2ce truly impressed me with the final chapter of the J.C. Saved Me series. Production on this mixtape is amazing. Du2ce left us with no duds when it came to production. Lyrically Du2ce is one of the most sound Kingdom Artist out today! This 15 song mixtape blows his previous mixtapes out the water and that is saying a lot. I’ve followed his career for sometime now and Du2ce’s progression has only showed me one thing. The closer he gets to God the more his music elevates. And I’m sure that also means the closer that Du2ce will get to the “5 Bottle Review” making whatever is next for him a Kingdom Music Classic! Make sure you check him out at

Until next time~ Preacher Boy…..J.C. Saved Me!

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