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Listening to this I had to ask myself was this a mixtape or an industry ready album. I’ve heard a lot of Internet buzz about Canon but when I finally listened to his music I finally understood what all the talk was about!

1. Bing Hampton- Canon starts off with a glorious Dirty South style anthem,  as he gives a shout out to his hometown of Memphis, TN and at the same time speaks about being a light there. I’ve already spoken on the production on the track. The word amazing doesn’t even begin to describe it. But what stands out on this track more than anything is the message of the song. Canon is literally taking Jesus to the streets with this song. He makes it clear to us that our sole purpose is to spread the Gospel and being unashamed in doing so!

2. The Canon- After hearing this I gotta ask myself, “where did this guy come from?” I mean this guy is walking throughout the bible in this song and it seems as he never once takes a breath. He never runs out of anything to say. All I can say is this track will leave you in utter amazement at the lyrical prowess of Mr. Canon.

3. Chase Christ Or Chase Paper- Another Dirty South friendly track in which Canon gives us an ultimatum. We can either chase after money or chase after Christ. The message is simple but also goes hard for the Kingdom at the same time!

4. Community- Okay. There is a major downfall with this track and this is one of the dangerous outcomes of remixing secular music for the Kingdom. Canon redid a DMX song and left in a questionable lyric by DMX. “Ya Nigga! Ya Nigga!” Now the lyrics on this song are amazing and they glorify the Kingdom BUT, we are distracted and thrown off by the first 5 seconds of the song! Us Kingdom Artist have a very important burden and obligation to set ourselves apart so oversights such as this can never happen!

5. The Dependant- Canon recovers quickly from the last song with Dependant. Canon shows us that he is full of one liners and puns as he raps about how much he needs God in his life! His metaphors are more than effective in conveying his message to the listeners.

6. Don’t Make Sense- Canon tackles a topic that most people need to hear. Christians judging others. Listening to this song I think of, “Let him without sin cast the first stone!” Canon is going too hard but what’s he’s spittin’ definitely needs to be addressed. I applaud Canon for speaking out on what many choose to ignore. We may have to take this one within the 4 walls of church. Yuuuppp! (Sorry I had to get my Trey Songz on).

7. Fe Fi 4- A little bit of Chopped & Screwed Dirty South anyone? I haven’t heard one track that I haven’t enjoyed yet and Canon delivers again. “Fe Fi 4, peace I’m gone, I done got my bags packed, cuz this not my home”. I’m loving that hook. I have to say the metaphors that Canon uses are brilliant and they truly paint a picture like none other! I’m loving this track and it gets me excited about the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Canon tells us to pack our bags and get ready to go home! Are your bags ready?

8. Freedom- 8 tracks into The Great Investment and I’m glad that I’ve invested my time into listening to this mixtape. I love the hook on this track. I keep playing it over and over again. On Freedom Canon lets us know that Christ didn’t save us so we can just go back to being slaves to our sin. This is definitely a standout track and one of my favorites. Canon is holding us accountable for actions and encouraging us to stay away from the sin that we were freed from! It doesn’t get any realer than that.

9. Get Famous- Canon picks up the tempo on Get Famous and addresses the young generation’s obsession with becoming famous. This is a track these young people really need to hear. Nothing that we accumulate on this world will be able to be taken with us. So our main goal should not be to buy and have a whole bunch of “stuff”. Not much to say about this other than make sure you listen to it.

10. Get Up- Canon gets his auto-tune on a little for this one! This isn’t one of my favorite tracks on the mixtape but by no means is it a bad track. Canon’s ok is a lot of people’s great. Lyrically the song is on par with every other track on this mixtape. I’m beginning to think that Canon can’t make bad music. I love how he tells us “Don’t be bound by the flesh!” Simple but something we need to make sure we keep at the front of our minds!

11. Grace and God- By grace we have been saved through faith, it is a gift of God, lest any man shall boast! Anyone remember that verse? If you know that verse, you know that Canon used that verse to create this lyrical masterpiece.  Ain’t too much to say about this other than he definitely did his homework when he put this together!

12. Grind- This beat is going to get our young people moving. If people of the world can be on their grind why can’t we be on the grind for the Kingdom? Some may say that’s not possible but if you listen to this song you know Canon believes that we gotta grind hard for the Lord. Canon delivers a good solid concept to this song!

13. I Can Hear The Sirens- Canon slows things down a little with this song. Young brothers, be prepared because Canon tells us to flee from the girl who you think is so fly. He tackles a topic that every young man battles with, heck every man battles with it. And that is lust and the real issue of  how a woman can get us to fall and fall hard. But just like back in the day you would run once you hear sirens while you’re on the block, we need to learn how to run from sexual sin the same way. Wow. I love the imagery and metaphors on this one. Good job once again Canon.

14. I’m Gone – This song is more than epic. Canon once again reminds us that this is not our home and we should be preparing ourselves for New Jerusalem! I don’t know about you but this song makes me think. This track wow. It’s hard to even review because it just makes you think about Jesus coming back! Production, lyrics, delivery. It’s all here. Like I said. This track is EPIC!

15. It’s So Sick- So not only can Canon kill a track with metaphors, punchlines and one liners but he also can tell a story! I’m sure you will enjoy this track as much as I did! Like every other track on this mixtape, the production goes hard. Goes too hard!

16. Look Out- Canon’s delivery on this one is more than energetic. He’s warning us to look out for the Devil. Man, do we need that reminder daily. Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy and Canon touches almost every single trick that Satan brings against us. Canon effectively exposes Satan for who he is, a liar. But Canon reminds us that Satan has no dominion or power and we can and will defeat him if we stay grounded in the word!

17. Out My New Life- On Out My New Life Canon re-imagines Jay-Z’s D.O.A. Canon shows that he’s a beast when it comes to the freestyle. Canon put a positive spin on an otherwise non positive song. So check it out y’all!

18. The Perfect Model- When I get out of Iraq, this is definitely a track that I’m going to be riding out to. In the days that our young men wanna be like Lebron, Lil’ Wayne, Drake and other pop culture main stays, Canon perfectly paints a picture for us and shows us why Jesus is the Perfect Model. At 1:36 Canon shows us a whole different flow as he channels some old school Twista/Bizzy Bone. I am definitely impressed by that change up! Once again this is one of the standout tracks of The Great Investment!

19. Prolly Don’t Know- Usually mixtapes begin to lose steam as they come to an end but that is not the case with The Great Investment. Canon encourages us, no, urges us to carry our cross on this one. Question. Will you?

20. Redeem The Rapper- “Bring him back like Flo Rida’s hairline”. Like I said no one does it like Canon. But Canon is praying for and standing in on the behalf of the rappers who aren’t pushing the Kingdom. He’s asking God to create in them a clean heart so that they may use their skills for the Kingdom. If we can get the secular rap world right, well then things will improve. A lot of Christian artist do nothing but slam and judge secular artist. I respect for Canon breaking out that mold and calling on all of us to get on our knees and pray for them. Let’s pray for Kanye, Jay, Weezy and Em. Amen!

21. Roll Another Life- I like the vibe of this one. Yet another track where Canon speaks on living a new life. Walking in a new light. When we make that change it has to be noticeable. People need to be able to see our new life. Canon acknowledges that he needs Christ for this. Amen.

22. Runaway- Canon follows the same formula as he did on I Can Hear The Sirens, by warning men to runaway from lust and sexual sin. It’s too easy to fall into it and it is an issue that has to be addressed. Why? Well because it’s killing brothers everywhere. Canon doesn’t shy away from any topic.

23. Stone Cold- The final track, leaves me wondering why Canon isn’t on top of the Kingdom Music charts yet. I love this track just like every other track on this mixtape. Epic. Epic. Epic!

There is no way after this effort that Canon is going to stay under the radar. 1 hour and 20 minutes is the run time of this mixtape and you will not hit the skip button once. Canon boldly goes where a lot of people don’t and tackled issues that run prevalent in the world and the Christian community. Our young people’s lost sense of reality, judgemental Christians who aren’t even dealing with their own sin, sex, lust and impurity, and the list continues. Canon is one of the most lyrically sound artist that I have ever heard. Secular and Non Secular. Yes. I will put him in the same category with lyricists such as, Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Eminem, Lecrae, Trip Lee and the list continues. I would have paid for this project. Canon is truly a one of a kind artist. I look forward to watching his career from this point on.

It is my honor to name him the first artist to receieve the coveted newH2o 5 Water Bottle award. Making  The Great Investment Mixtape, a KINGDOM MUSIC CLASSIC! Congratulations and remember only what you do for Christ will last! Until next time.~ Preacher Boy

24 Responses

  1. Micah

    Make sure y’all check out my boy Swoope’s mixtape! Just reviewed it and I’m telling you it’s a mixtape you need to add to your rotation.

  2. Emily

    ok……this is my favorite album that I’ve found….I’d put him up there in my play-list with Lecrae, Trip lee, and all that….So amazing.

  3. Daniel

    amazing. crazy flow and consistency. this guy is a boss. true servant and role model.

  4. Ayoo_Jojo

    B E S T mixtape i’ve heard hands down ! iLove pretty much every sonq on this mixtape. He’s very much talentedd 😉

  5. abbi :)

    i am lovin this guy!!! he can flow like the best of em :p and hes so good at connecting dots!! and using metaphores!! i love it!!! hes great!! share with all your friends who canon is!! time to make his name known! cause hes reppin the king! jc fo eva!!

  6. Joseph

    Although I agree with the comment on “Community” that certain lyrics shouldn’t be in the song, I can “overlook” it kinda. I know that we need to strive for excellence (which is impossible…only God is) because many people will listen to this and can get a different view of Christianity that what should be presented….it is all in perception. It is important to understand that these artist are human though and they will all make mistakes…Take Sevin for example….his music is so gritty and his old stuff is littered with questionable lyrics (coming from how he grew up not surprising) but his newest album is a lot better (although still some need for improvement)

    All in all, this album is awesome, I checked Canon out after I heard “Blow Your Mind” on Lecrae’s newest album….it had a Twista feel to it and being originally from Chicago it got me interested.

    Speaking of Sevin….”Get Famous” has the same beat from “And Wut?!?” I noticed….

  7. Michael

    I believe that the lyrics in Community are Canon’s way of trying to reach out to the people who need the Lord. People who otherwise wouldn’t listen to Christian music. If that’s what it takes to get the thugs or whatever to listen and take in the Word of God, I’m more than happy to listen to it and support it. Some people won’t listen to a song unless it has something like most popular rap songs do.

  8. The Boy Wonder

    Can’t find the Player? H2O, please fixed it. Thanks. Christ Up!!!

  9. jesus boy

    where’s the cover art?
    all of them are just different pictures of him

  10. oxide

    feelin all the tracks.dint even know it was a mixtape.da mixdown is that good.bless u canon.

  11. steven moore

    Ive always listened to rap growing up, wayne, jay z, kanye ect… This mixtape is the by far the nastiest that i have ever heard. I love love lecrae and trip lee’s work alot but this guy def gets my love, you really cant skip a song on this mixtape. Canon better continue to produce more work because his stuff goes hard for God and if anyone likes secular rap and wants to get away from its bad lyrics this guy is the place to start he will totally give you what you need in a Christian way. God Bless

  12. Nik

    I’ve been listening to rap since I was in high school…and I’m 40 now, so that’s been a while! Canon is without a doubt one of the best rappers I’ve ever heard. This mixtape is better than virtually any album you’d pay for, and I have no doubt God will continue to bless Canon in the future as long as he stays true to Him! God bless you, Canon! I can’t wait to buy your music on iTunes!

  13. Charnita Fance

    Canon is one of the BEST RAPPERS ALIVE! Plus he is a believer and talks about the word of GOD – can’t beat that. More people need to know about him. He is soooo very talented and gifted. I can listen to both of his mixtapes over and over again. I can’t wait until he has an album out – I will definitely support it.

  14. Tee

    Besides “Community” and “Out My New Life” are any of the other songs off this album remakes of secular songs? If so which ones? Thanks.

  15. jakehinen88

    Hey H2O is there a way or a reason why I can’t get any of the albums to play period or import it onto my apple library?! I could use the help.


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