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10 projects to look forward to in 2019

January 25, 2019


10 projects to look forward to in 2019

CHH has its first big #NewMusicFriday today as Eric Heron, J. Crum, Jerry Manna, and Steven Malcolm all dropped projects today. January was a quiet month for CHH but this torrent kick-starts the tsunami of new music that is to release this year. I teamed up with Lead Editor Luc to outline a handful of other projects to keep an eye out for.

Note: The titles are not final and subject to change. Artists may/may not choose to release projects at a different date or year as circumstances arise.

  1. Aaron Cole–Untitled at the moment

I interviewed Aaron Cole for a forthcoming article back in December and in an attempt to learn more about his rumored album, I asked whether it would sound more like Virginia Boy or Cole Season. Understandably, he kept coy with specifics, offering only this response: “Guess you’ll just see 👀 gotta keep the details low. Haha.” Slowly but surely more details have been released, through cryptic Tweets and Instagram Live sessions but if his music from last year is any indication, this will be well worth the wait. Excuse me while I blast “Patient with Me” every day till release.


2. Alaye– Untitled at the moment

This gifted young emcee from Chicago has just gotten started. He’s had a few singles release, and has hinted at more things in store for 2019.  It’s just wishful thinking at this point, but excited to hear anything Alaye releases.


        3. Derek Minor–By Any Means

2019 will mark the end of many franchises from Star Wars to The Avengers but the the “final installment” I am looking forward to the most is By Any Means which will conclude Derek Minor’s ground-breaking Up Up and Away series. Every installment has stood on its own as a unique body of work while all managing to connect narratively (guided by the phrase: Your soul must fly high above the trap by any means). After The Trap made many of the New H2O staff’s top 10 lists, I have no doubt the finale will be just as if not more, exceptional.


          4. Ian Kenville–1997

According to Ian Kenville, his track “Riot” was re-written “a solid 10 times” before being achieving its final form. This is the kind of dedication that he puts into all of his work and his latest album 1997 I expect will be no different. It will certainly deliver on the bangers (“100K” & “Eighty-Five” for example) but promises to be a much more personal look at who he is as an artist and will delve deeper into the experiences that shaped him from 1997-2019. It has been a long time in the making but said time has only made the project better.


         5. KB– Untitled at the moment

KB is one of the most merciless artists in CHH in that he always drops snippets before the teased songs vanish to the sunken place. You almost wish he would not tease that “new music is coming” because the joy of expectation pales in comparison to the demand for immediate satisfaction. He promised in his Spotify year in review that he would drop “much more” than just three singles and a handful of features this year; let’s hope he makes good on that promise.


6. Kyle Ringer– Untitled at the moment

Nothing confirmed here again but I could see a single like “The One” leading to a drop of a project. Kyle is so gifted on the mic, ever since I bumped “Gone” last year, I press play on anything he’s droppin.


        7. Reconcile–Streets Don’t Love You 2

Streets Don’t Love You was one of those albums in 2017 that you could not just listen through once then get on with your day. It is music that sticks to your ribs and reverberates off your eardrums weeks after you have heard it. The surprise sequel will not be an easy listen (a Reconcile project never is) but I am excited to see how he will bring divine to the destitute through his music.


        8. Rockstar JT–Streets Signed Me Vol. 2

This project will have a song with Aha Gazelle and Parris Chariz…what more needs to be said? This is somewhat of a rebirth for JT after he released and then took down “Subway.” With renewed perspective and vision, Streets Signed Me Vol. 2 looks to be not only a sequel to his already acclaimed mixtape but a revealing insight into how he has matured since.


9. Young C

Young C has a couple things dropping soon. “This is For The Wait” will drop on February 2nd, and then he promises an album quite soon as well. I’m excited for 2019 to be the year of Young C


        10. 1k Phew–What’s Understood

1k Phew has been quite munificent in dropping teasers and updates for his official debut album under Reach Records (the re-release of Never Too Late does not count). A confirmed track with WHATUPRG and various promos about the album’s concept silences the doubters who thought Phew’s “church gon wild” mantra would not mesh well with Reach’s aesthetic. It is confirmed for a February drop so it will not be long before we get to hear what he and Ace Harris have been cooking.



What projects are you all looking forward to? Sound off below!

Zachary Lee is a student at Cornell University studying English, creative writing, and Spanish. When he is not writing poetry or performing it at open mics, you can find him critically analyzing Summer blockbusters or reading Dostoevsky. He hopes to retire in Jerusalem where he can eat falafel and swim in the Dead Sea to his heart's desire.
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