10 Indie Christian Rap Songs You Need to Hear This Week – 6/1/19

Every week I’m delivering to you 10 indie Christian Rap artists that deserve your attention. Make sure you listen, support, follow, and share these upcoming artists.

Ryley Michael – Forgotten Everything

Ryley opens up completely on this one, asking real questions we’ve all asked at times. In these times hold onto His promises even tighter!

King David Vibes – Better Days ft. Phil Derihl

Even in the tough times, King David reminds us that better days are ahead of us.


Everything that is good in our lives is orchestrated by the one who has a plan to prosper us.

Jodie Jermaine – Golden Year

Jodie snapped on this one! If you’ve listened to his music, you’d know this is his golden year!

Jude. – Alabater Box ft. Steven Malcolm

Alabaster boxes usually hold really precious items. Multiple illustrations pictured people presenting whatever was in the box as an expression of service. What do you call precious? More importantly, have you used it to serve someone else?

F’rael – No Bueno ft. Toya Love and Niko Eme

#KeepThatSameEnergy or get rebuked… in any language!

Eric Heron – How U Feel? ft. Fvmeless, Timmy Vogue, and Micah Hampton

Eric and company have all the feels on this one! Strong relationships build on honesty and songs like this!

LouiOnTen – Facts

This is the hardest joint I’ve heard in a while! It’s the perfect song to show an unbeliever who thinks Christian rap is soft!

JekaSole – Don’t Do That

The sample of “Differences” by Ginuwine is perfect. Relationships tend to change our lives for the better or the worse.

Original Soul Invented – Victory

The war is already won! The mightiest conqueror is on our side.

Which of these Christian Rap tracks do you like the most?

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