10 Indie Christian Rap Songs You Need to Hear This Week – 6/22/19

Every week I’m delivering to you 10 indie Christian Rap artists who deserve your attention. Make sure you listen, support, follow, and share these upcoming artists.

TeeJay – No Hook

Like the track name suggests. No hook. Straight bars!

Prof. Biz – Mustard (Remix) ft. Justcallmedt and Miles Minnick

Some rappers just can’t cut it lyrically! That’s not an issue here. Three heavy hitters are on one track.

Porsha Love – Lord Be Pleased

Porsha leads with the perfect example of humility here. If you are making music, ask yourself when is the last time you asked God to check your heart.

Miraql3 – Hold On

Endure to the end. God’s got us and He’s saving the best for us for last!

Whoz Meech – Lyrical Love

True love is action. Scripture tells us that we’ll be known by our tangible, active love.

Marc Jones – Real

Reality can be scarier than fantasy!

Joseph Muniz – GOAT

MJ nor LBJ are the G.O.A.T.s! The greatest isn’t determined by what you do, but who you are. Somebody tell Steven A. and Max Kellerman that Jesus is the G.O.A.T.!

Ryan Vetter – Our Nature ft. Eric Heron and B. Keyz

This indie music scene is a grind! Ryan, however, has got the blueprint to make slow but steady progress toward the goal.

L-D.U.B.S. – In America

If you’ve seen the Netflix series When They See Us, then you’ll overstand the plight of this track.

Kody Free – Consciousness

Self-awareness and honesty are powerful tools in life. Could you be this real on a track?

Which of these Christian rap songs is your favorite?

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