10 Indie Christian Rap Songs You Need to Hear This Week – 3/30/19

Every week I’m delivering to you 10 indie Christian Rap artists that deserve your attention. Make sure you listen, support, follow & share these upcoming artists!

Foggieraw x TROSSTHEGIANT – Oside Mamasita

Laid back vocals and a knockin’ beat carry this track. The song structure here keeps the song flowing with no hook and finishes off with a piano-driven reprise.

Luke Reelfs – Record

You’ll keep your finger on the rewind button on this one. Luke’s flow and catchy hook capture the #TurnUp!

Stevie Rizo – Mind Blown

Stevie reminds the listener to guard our hearts and minds Keep Jesus at the center. Listening to this should bring worship forth!

PEABOD – Side Hustle

Wake up in GRIND! I can fully appreciate this as a person who has multiple side hustles/ ministries/ etc.

Zach Banes – Hilltops ft. Emylie Clements

Zach switches up the content on this track. This track was written with an open heart. Listen with an open mind as Zach describes his own personal circumstances.

King Chav – Live at the Rio ft. Rab G

King Chav & Rab G are not playing by the rules here. Take it from them. Be confident in who God made you to be.

Lazarus – Lights Out

I could see this on a commercial for Spirit flights to Cancun! “Lights Out” is so unique, it doesn’t fit a specific CHH mold. Keep pushing the limits Lazarus!

Puntin – I Got a Problem

Another artist focused on the grind… and I Love It! Anybody who has “more albums than Pac” is “workin overtime”!

King Whale – Bankroll ft. Josiah Pait

Hard work really does pay off in the end. King and Josiah write the manual. So take note!

Corey Wise – Disciplez ft. Tre’gadd

The last command we were given by our Savior was to make disciples of all the nations. Corey perfectly blends modern culture & the will of God in musical form.

Which of these Christian Rap tracks do you like the most?


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