10 Indie Christian Rap Songs You Need to Hear This Week – 5/4/19

Every week I’m delivering to you 10 indie Christian Rap artists that deserve your attention. Make sure you listen, support, follow & share these upcoming artists!

Shiwan – “Sparadic”

Smoothe and steady. Shiwan flows effortlessly with the beat dropping punchline after punchline on the first half of the track. The switch-up on the second shows his ability to expand his style. Put on a good pair of headphones and vibe out to this one.

Tr3demark – “Exhibit A”

It takes a brave soul to spit on any track Jay Electronica has graced. Tr3demark leaves his stamp on this track with straight BARS!

Lord Badu – “My Life”

With this track Badu confirms that “He who endures to the end shall be saved” and “all things work together for our good”.

Happi – “Wonder Woman”

Next week we celebrate all the Wonder Women in our lives. Happi gives us a jumpstart to the festivities! #HappyMothersDayD

Double ATL – “Blessing” ft. Dee Black

From the time we wake up until we close our eyes, the Lord showers us with mercy and grace. ATL and Dee remind us to count our daily blessings.

Kamban – “Got To Go”

The cares of this world ultimately fail to deliver. Kamban warns his fellow Christians and asks us to refocus on our commission.

Rell Riley – “Straight” ft. Swoope

I’m not sure how long Rell had to wait for this feature, but man was it worth it! Rell brought it on this track and stood shoulder to shoulder with one of the CHH greats.

Paul Hernandez – “Access”

Christ gave us direct access to the Father. Like Hernandez, we can go to the Father boldly with our VIP access.

Cutright – “Who I Am”

Our identity is found in Christ. Cutright knows Christians have been designed specifically. In that design, we can accomplish much when connected to Christ!

Arize – “Spanglish” ft. Zee, EGR, & Joey Vantes

These artists dropped a dope multi-language redemption-themed track. With the chorus feature from Vantes, Arize, Zee, and EGR praise  Jesus in their Spanglish.

Comment below on which of these Christian Rap tracks were your favorite!

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