10 Indie Christian Rap Songs You Need to Hear This Week – 5/11/19

Every week I’m delivering to you 10 indie Christian Rap artists that deserve your attention. Make sure you listen, support, follow & share these upcoming artists!

Daisha McBride – Been That

Daisha A.K.A. @therapgirl went ham on this one! There’s no question; she got BARS!

International Show – WOA

The man that doesn’t work, doesn’t eat! His motivation? International Show has plenty to go around.

NamedTobias – Real Talk ft. Denise De’ion

You can either make change or make excuses. NamedTobias sheds light on some “Real Talk.”

Joe Ayinde – Skyfall

This track is all about having proper perspective. Joe the sensei brings punchline after punchline encouraging the listeners find peace in the process to success.

Torrance Rudd – If He Did It For Me ft. Uncle Reese

Rudd dropped a positive track with this one. Torrance uses his life as proof of how God can make a way out of no way.

Jermaine Durham – Family Affair ft. Yak-Yak

It’s family over everything. Jermaine considers you to be fam. Turn up with ya bro!

Steven Savage – At The Bottom ft. Dillon Chase

The last shall be first, and the first shall be last. Stay humble because those who are overlooked shall be exalted by the Lord.

Kay Sade – All the Scars

This is really personal. Kay bears her heart and point of view on the end of a friendship. Not every relationship is meant to last at the same capacity. Let’s pray for reconciliation.

Jodie Jermaine – Without You

The intro of “Without You” alone is enough to get you going!

Joseph Muniz – Underestimated ft. Barnetti

If you’ve underestimated Joseph, you won’t anymore. His flow in verse one I consider rivals that of the best in CHH.

Which of these Christian Rap tracks do you like the most?

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